Check Us Out

You’re welcome to join us as a guest to see what we’re about. We usually meet Wednesday mornings at 7:30am. But check the calendar to make sure we haven’t made other plans for the week before heading out to join us!

Our Industries

In keeping with the spirit of the group, we do not allow more than one member from the same industry.  So, if you sell home and auto insurance and we already have a member who represents that industry, unfortunately, you can’t join our group as a home and auto insurance agent.  However, if you also sell health insurance and we don’t have anyone covering that area, you’re more than welcome to apply to represent that industry.  Below is a list of the industries our current members represent.  If you’re not sure if your line of work would exclude you from joining the group, please contact us to find out.

– Accounting and tax services –

– Bioenergetic testing –

– Business banking –

– Car wash services –

– College planning –

– Collision repair –

– Commercial roofing services –

– Construction services –

– Electrical services –

– Event center

– Fitness services

– Heating and cooling services

– Home inspections

– IT services –

– Life insurance –

– Mortgage lending –

– Moving services –

– Painting/mural services –

– Printing services –

– Property and casualty insurance –

– Real estate title and closing services –

– Realty services- 

– Restoration services –

– Salon services –

– Security and access control –

– Signage –

– Travel services –

– Water treatment solutions –